50 Cent’s Son Calls him Out on Debut Track…

It’s always a great feeling to watch your son following in your footsteps, isn’t it? Teaching them how to play football, showing them your favourite music, seeing aspects of your own personality shine through them.

Hey, they may even carry on the family business…

That’s exactly what 50 Cent’s oldest son, Marquise Jackson, has just done, releasing his debut single “Different” on February 6th – the date being special as it’s the 14th anniversary of 50’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album!

50 Cent must be delighted, right??

Wrong. Instead of paying homage, Marquise has called him out for their poor relationship!

Lyrics from the track include:

“Lost my Paps, he’s still alive”

Marquise apparently idolised 50 when he was growing up, but grew to realise that he wasn’t the person he first thought – their relationship deteriorating as a result:

“It was like having a father who was Superman, more or less. But then, as I got older, you start realizing things or you start seeing certain patterns and it takes an effect on your relationship with people. That’s what happened with me and my father.”

Whilst the 3 minute track, which is inspired by Dr. Dre’s 2001 hit “What’s the Difference”, is by no means a ‘diss track’ solely aimed at his Dad, it is certainly a big statement; being his debut hit and being released on an important date for 50.

Listen to it below:

Marquise describes the track as a way of getting important issues off his chest:

“Different is more or less me just venting, me getting a lot of frustrations, a lot of feelings out…people say they can hear the hunger inside the track and that’s what I was feeling at the moment”.

I wonder how 50 will respond?

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