A £1 Million Cannabis Factory Is Found Hidden In A Haystack

Wowzers……. this content is not for the eyes of children!

Well, you can forget the quote ‘it’s like finding a needle in a haystack’ because now ladies and gentlemen, its all about the ‘£1 Million Cannabis factory found hidden in a haystack!’

Three guys from Staffordshire really have been naughty boys in hiding this beast of a factory, which is rumored to be a £1 Million operation.

Back in March 2016, police searched Brackenhurst Farm in Newchurch in what seemed to be like a scene from ‘The Labyrinth.’ In secret rooms hidden by bales of hay, the police found thousands of pounds in cash and a shit load of cannabis plants. Well I bet those three were as high as kites! And obvs they did get nicked … immediately!



Hang on….. Are we sure they’re not just filming for the next series of ‘Orange Is The New Black’??

A team of Forensic scientists said that the plants taken, had the capacity to make approximately  60.5kgs of ‘skunk’ cannabis a year!!

For readers who aren’t sure how much that equates to in £££ ……………….. £432,142. I honestly think I’m in the wrong line of work, because that, my friends is a lot of dosh!

One of the criminals, Raymond Nicholls, 64, pleaded guilty to the cultivation/production of cannabis and possession with the intent to supply cannabis. However, he has since been released on bail for medical reasons as Nicholls is believed to be suffering from cancer.

Rumor has it that he will be back to court at a later date (not yet known) to be sentenced.

So, if you ever drive past a haystack in future ….. don’t underestimate it!

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