Adam Deacon Announces Anuvahood 2!

Boom! Anuvahood 2 is announced and English actor, rapper, writer and director Adam Deacon is topping his game with this bad boy of a movie – and I think we can safely say that this multi-talented actor has got his fingers in many pies – not literally obvs … that might get a bit sticky!

The original film, which was a right old hoot –  also written by London boy ‘Deacon’ featured cameos from Ashley Walters, Giggs and Big Narstie! So it’s not a surprise that the audience are intensely awaiting a cheeky glimpse of the cast list for the sequel.

Take a look at the trailer for the original film – just to get your taste buds tingling for ‘ANUVAHOOD 2’

Although it’s not clear who will be involved in this exciting sequel, the audience are certainly getting pumped for the well written and very memorable one liners like “Fruitellas a badman sweet ya get me?!


Here’s what Twitter has to say … and looks like some people are already trying their luck at a little role in the eagerly anticipated sequel! Ermmmm excuse me …Did you actually attend drama school? Back off bad man!

Keep in touch with The Wall of Comedy for updates on ANUVAHOOD 2 and give us your favorite one liners from the original in the comments below!

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