Alvarez: “McGregor Fans Don’t Know Sh*t About MMA”…

Recently, Eddie Alvarez admitted that he was extremely surprised after receiving a negative reaction from the crowd at the UFC 205 press conference.

During a radio interview, he said:

“I mean, given the reaction of that crowd, it kind of was weird, I definitely didn’t expect that.”

But after looking around the venue after the press conference, he was pretty p*ssed off with Conor’s fans. Alvarez stated:

“It just sort of reiterated to me what his fan base is,” Alvarez said. “His fan base is him. They’re people who, it’s all perception. It seems like he has a lot of WWE fans, guys who don’t know much about fighting at all, they are just like him. You can have them fans, they’re not the fans I want anyway. You can boo all day long.”

Image: Fox Sports

Image: Fox Sports

Being a McGregor fan myself, I think that the comments from Alvarez are pretty stupid. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments lads.

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