American Band make Vinyl Record Out of Weed!

Right, so as I’ve told you before…Me trying to smoke weed is about as cool as a broken fridge – basically, I’m unable to have the ‘cheese’ without getting sick.

BUT, my music playlist for that odd occasion when I embarrass myself is always on point. Course there’s gonna be a bit of Cyprus Hill and Bob Marley. Maybe even a bit of Collie Buddz if I’m feeling really adventurous.

However good the music is, though, it will never be able to compete with what this band from America have just done! They have literally made a record out of cannabis!!

You’re probably thinking, like I did, that this is a joke and of course it’s impossible…but by all means it’s not, and the track ACTUALLY plays! That’s dope.

The 90s stoner-jam band, ‘Slightly Stoopid’, made the vinyl record out of $6,000 worth of bubble hash using a process which, itself, cost $1,000!

Whilst the first attempt resulted in only “passable” sound, they believe they will be able to make one properly in 2017. Though, it is intended as more of a piece of art than something which should be played over and over again.

What’s amazing, too, is that you can smoke the record. But, when it costs that much it’s probably not the best idea…

Just get Snoop Dogg to plan your party instead!

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