This Athlete Shat Himself During An Olympic Event…

France are a country of elegance, beauty, and good food. But today, a french athlete thought that it would be a great idea to shit all over the Olympics- literally.

Diniz, who was competing in the 50km walk race, shat himself as he was just 15km into the event. As the cameras zoomed in on his post-dinner mess, more and more people took notice of the Frenchman.

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

Although this story has now started to go viral, there are many reasons why this could benefit Diniz. The weight lost from his poo would allow him to obviously weigh less, and therefore move quicker. Also, he will want to get himself clean before the medal ceremony- so he is expected to be pacing it towards the finish line.

Diniz is the current world record holder of the event, and is reportedly favourite to win this race. At the time of writing, he is in seventh place. But I can pretty much guarantee that he’ll be first in line for the toilet as soon as the race is over.

Oh well, shit happens…

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