An Augmented Reality Shooter Game Is About To Drop!


So my mate Mathieu sent me a link to this. To be honest, I’ve gotta say that I need to play this. It looks f*cking sick. After doing a bit of research, here’s an article on what to expect from Father.IO.

Image: Father.IO

Image: Father.IO

According to their website, Father.IO is described as “the world’s first real-life, massive multiplayer, first person shooter.” So at last, we can say goodbye to Pokemon Go. After all, who wants to catch a Jigglypuff when you can shoot your friend’s head off?

Image: Father.IO

Image: Father.IO

All you have to do is plug the inceptor into your phone, and begin the battle with friends. So whether you are in a shopping mall, the local streets, or just hanging out by the Thames, Father.IO allows an awesome interactive gaming experience for its users.

The general idea is similar to laser tag. Once the inceptor is up and running, you are able to shoot other players from a maximum distance of 50 metres. It is reported that the game will be compatible with both IOS & Android phones.

You can check out a video for it here:

Shut up and take my money!

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