An MMA Fighter Has Attacked His Fiancee For This Ridiculous Reason…

MMA Fighter Julian Brave Wallace has been arrested after he attacked his ex-fiancee for buying the wrong noodles.

Most known by his alias ‘Julz the Jackal’, he attacked his girlfriend back in April. According to multiple media reports, Jess came home with his dinner for the evening. But when it wasn’t the flavour he wanted, Julian attacked her and accused her of cheating.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

After the first assault, Wallace told her to give him their engagement ring back, and then threatened to break her fingers. As he got extremely p*ssed off, he used MMA moves on her and choked her out. In an interview with The Telegraph, Jess said:

“I kept tapping him on the arm because I could feel that I was going to lose consciousness; he pulled tighter and I thought that would be the end.”

As she is trained in Martial Arts, Jess managed to reduce her chances of serious injury. However, she said that if he tried to attack someone else, they would’ve been badly hurt.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Julian is due to be sentenced in Newtown Local Court on December 7.

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