Anthony Joshua Says How He’ll Beat Klitschko…

Anthony Joshua will be able to claim the title of best heavyweight in the world during April- providing that he can beat Klitschko. Despite this being a great opportunity to show his strength during the build up to the fight, AJ has stated that he will not be “consumed by the temptations that have wrecked so many champions.”

Image: The Sun

Image: The Sun

In front of 91,000 people, Wladimir Klitschko will face Anthony Joshua at Wembley Stadium. In an interview, he said:

“You’ve seen how tough it is, the reality of it. From young, we were grinding, hustling, so success was always on my mind. I just flipped the script, but with the same mentality. I also stay around the amateurs, who are lions, man. They’re so hungry.

“This is all nice, the lights and stuff, but it ain’t about the money. When I was on the streets, hanging out, doing my thing I was like, cool, you can come around and I’ll show you a little watch. We’d be riding our bikes, and I went, ‘Yeah, when I’m older I’ll own that house.’

But I learnt money can’t make me, because if I show someone with money a watch they’ll say, ‘Well, I’ve got three of them.’ It’s about staying focused, your class, your morals, what you’re about, more than just boxing. That’s why I’m on my grind. Boxing is just part of the journey. All the other stuff is a bonus, man, trust me.”

What a great lad. AJ is set to fight Wladimir on April 29. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments.

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