Australian Guy Explains His Reason For Punching That Kangaroo…

Most of you guys will have seen the video of an Australian dude punching a Kangaroo in the face on Facebook. It was absolutely insane!

Well, after a bit of research, it turns out that he was actually a zookeeper, and that his employers are considering “appropriate actions”.

Greig Tonkins is a zookeeper in Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales, that looks after Elephants. According to sources from the Daily Mail, Tonkins was out hunting with a terminally ill friend when the Kangaroo shoved his dog in a headlock.

Apparently, he threw the spectacular punch at the Kangaroo in order to prevent it hurting anyone else. Fair play.

“The dog wanted no part of it, all it was trying to do was escape from the roo and that’s why he stepped in. Fair enough, the dog clearly did want no part in it.”

I’m expecting a lot of animal feminists to comment on this post saying that “he would’t have punched it if the Kangaroo was black” or whatever.

Do you think he should’ve punched it? Let me know in the comments lads.

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