‘Bad Santa’ Climbs Horse Statue

We all have Christmas traditions. I try to include the bulk of mine as soon as I wake up to see if Santa Claus, or Rio Ferdinand (who recently donated 500k!), has left me some pressies.

I wake up, drink some champagne in the morning (well, a bottle of lemonade mixed with Lambrini), eat the turkey when I get the munchies, cause a traditional family fight, which in turn, takes down the Christmas tree.

Ricky McConnell from Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire in Scotland, however, has other ideas.

Ricky sees the Duke of Wellington Statue in Glasgow (which has become famed for drunk people putting a cone on its head) and thinks, I know what would make that look better. Santa… Obviously.

As Santa is rather busy at this time of the year, Ricky takes it upon himself to dress up in full gear and climb to the top, chatting to passers by and promoting his charity ‘Kidshaverights2’ which he founded in order to bring attention to his inability to gain access to his young son.

What I love the most about this though, is the fact that he’s made it his tradition and plans to do it on a yearly basis – describing how “the Duke and I are like brothers now”.

It’s the second time he has pulled the stunt, and the second time in which he has been arrested, with a Cherry picker helping him down before he is led off to the police van.


The people have spoken, however, and they love him. The gathering crowd of hundreds shouting “Free Santa”. So I look forward to seeing him next year, too.

He certainly brightens up a cold Christmas night in Glasgow, that’s for sure.

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