Barack Obama Pumps Himself Up With ‘Loose Yourself’ Before Big Speeches…

We call him B Rabbit. The B stands for Barack.

Throughout his 7 years as President, Obama has certainly come across as one of the coolest politicians in recent history. With the ability to inspire millions of people in a single speech, and to be one of the most down to earth guys, a lot of people will surely miss the lad.

But even with his presidency coming to an end, he still needs to get pumped up with a bit of music before his speeches. To be fair, there isn’t a better way to get ready for anything than to listen to a bit of Eminem.

Here’s the behind the scenes footage:

Being experts in PR, Hillary’s campaign team released the footage that was recorded at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

I would love to see a rap battle between Obama & Trump though…

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