BBC News Used Wrong Subtitles for Trump’s Inauguration and it Was Hilarious!!

This may be the best thing ever.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve found it extremely difficult to write anything funny regarding Trump recently.

Don’t get me wrong, before he was elected to be the most powerful man in the world, he was hilarious. Who doesn’t want to laugh at the fact that the US has 320 million people, and they narrowed them down to this:


But yeah, now he’s in control of a fair few nuclear warheads…well, f*ck.

I was dreading the inauguration. But THANK YOU BBC News. You have made it hilarious.

With millions of people tuning in to watch the historical moment that Donald Trump became President…the BBC used subtitles from a children’s television show, ‘The Dumping Ground’.

Kayleigh Smirk, from Southampton, caught the moment perfectly:


Trump’s face and speech instead gave the words: “just shut it, yeah?”

With Obama saying: “Oi! Leave him alone” (fairly unlikely thing for Obama to say)


The best thing is that as Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the subtitles read:

“No-one wants you here”

Amazing. Obviously, people everywhere loved the mix up.



img_0354 img_0355

Even this guy got in on the action:


The full subtitles read as follows:

‘Look, if you ain’t seen Sasha, just do one, yeah? No-one wants you here.’
‘You’re only in a mood because Mo’s gone.’
‘Just shut it, yeah?’
‘Oi! Leave him alone!’
‘Just tell him to get out of my face.’
‘So it was him in your room.’
‘Oh, whatever.’
‘You can’t come here outside of contact, or Mum will get into trouble. Is that what you want? Or for her and Kev to be a family? With you and Murphy and the baby. And me.’
‘Sasha, hurry up!’
‘Stop playing around with Bailey and go home.’

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