Big Brother House Mates Are Encouraged To Have Sex

And it’s back again. CBB 2017 is coming this way and have they got a little surprise in store for the housemates! Well actually and the audience by looks of things.

A source says that the producers of Big Brother have ordered in an array of ‘smaller beds’, apparently to help the celebrities get closer to one another when the night cams are turned on.

I must say though, the beds they had in the past certainly didn’t stopped some of them having a little fumble – Oi oi cheeekyyy.


IMAGE: Channel 5

IMAGE: Channel 5

With a very recent reveal of some of the 2017 CBB housemates, I feel there’s guna be some fireworks shooting about the joint this year! I recon we can prepare for opinions flying and outspoken celebs trying to get themselves as much airtime as poss on the hit reality TV show – what do you recon?

This years line-up is rumored to include America’s “reality” power couple – Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt, X-Factor’s Stevie Ritchie (who is said to be devastated after a recent split from girlfriend, Chloe Jasmine. GREAT! He’ll be a right barrel of laughs then) and English Glamour Model Nicola McClean (whose vulgar mouth and bitchy personality piss me off quite frankly – I’ll be turning over when she comes on!).

But hang on a sec – if I remember rightly, all three of these “celebrities” have been in the Big Brother House before? Are the CBB production team struggling that much that they need to bring them all back again? As if once wasn’t enough Big Brother!

Stevi Ritchie went into the CBB house in the summer of 2015 with his on-off partner Chloe-Jasmine Whichello.

Hang on a smidgin!! I’m sure Stevie Ritchie is meant to be devastated after his “recent split” with Chloe Jasmine? Something fishy’s going on here….. Me thinks a little ‘publicity stunt’ before he goes into the CBB house as this tweet was posted TODAY!

Nicola McClean first came into the reality spotlight when she joined the campers in ‘I’m a Celeb 2008’ and then went on to CBB in 2012! And now she’s back …. again! Surely she’s got better things to do?

Well, here she is on route to a ‘secret hotel’ days before CBB kicks off!

IMAGE: FameFlynet UK

IMAGE: FameFlynet UK

McClean has had many a fight with old Katie Price over the years and it is thought that Pricey may make a cheeky little appearance in the house. Oh god! I sense fireworks….

In 2013’s edition, Spencer & Heidi (aka ‘Speidi’) came in at 2nd place. Didn’t the US Reality couple do well. Spencer was seen heading to the same ‘secret hotel’ that Nicola went too and although Heidi wasn’t seen in the arrival pics, she was spotted earlier that day in the same car as her man Spencer. I think we can safely say that she’ll be going into the house with him tomorrow night!!!

So what are your thoughts on this years CBB? Do you think the specially made beds will be used for their ‘sexy time’ purpose?

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