BOOM! Biggest Video From The Chicken Connoisseur yet!

Here we go again … The Chicken Connoisseur has blown his previous videos off the chart with his latest ‘finger lickin’ footage! There is just no end to this dude at the moment …

Elijah Quashie became a viral phenomenon overnight with his Youtube show ‘The Pegest Munch’, which has drawn the nation in with a bang!

In his latest video, The Chicken Connoisseur travels to Woodside Park, North London. His newest victim … ‘Sam’s chicken’! Good Luck Sam …

The thing with this viral creation is – it’s so simple! A guy going into different shops critiquing their chicken! But with Elijah Quashie AKA Chicken Connoisseur, it is the way he reviews the mouthwatering (in some shops) food that draws us to him!

His choice of vocabulary includes ‘peng’ ‘pengest’ ‘bossman’ ‘fam’ ‘safe’ ‘man’ and ‘Crep check’ – which is consistently used at the beginning of each episode when he shows off his trainers for the day! And my ….. what a selection he has.

Maybe he’ll bring out a new show called ‘Crep Connoisseur’!

During an interview with Unilad, they asked if he would ever be interested in opening his own chicken shop, to which Quashie replied – “Yeah, something like that. [It’d be called] Wings an Dat”

I mean – I’m vegetarian, but if I wasn’t, I’d be all over that like hot sauce!



I think we can safely say that life became a new adventure for Quashie when Ep 6 of ‘The Pengest Munch’ took over the internet at ‘Chick King’ in Tottenham! This dude’s video went crazy, racking up nearly 2 million views on Youtube!

When asked him “So how has life changed for the Connoisseur?”

Quashie replied – “Everyone knowing who I am is really weird,” he said. “To walk down the street and have everyone saying hello feels like I’m in some kind of movie; but it’s cool.”

What is next for The Chicken Connoisseur – Well I’m thinking that Episode 8 could be in the mix!


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