Breaking News: KFC Has Introduced A Breakfast Menu!

This week has been absolutely filled with good news. As of October 10th, several of the KFC branches in the UK will be offering a breakfast menu to customers.

Image: KFC

Image: KFC

With new products such as the “Chicken AM” and the “Bacon & egg roll”, I certainly know where I will be heading on my Monday morning before work. The fast food chain are also offering breakfast meals. This is any of the burgers accompanied by a hash brown and a cup of coffee. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Chicken AM – Original Recipe fried chicken, smoked bacon, cheese, and a free range egg served in a floured bun, £2.49, £3.49 as a meal)
  • Bacon Roll – three rashers of bacon in a floured roll, £1.75
  • Bacon and Egg Roll – two rashers of bacon and a free range egg in a floured roll, £1.99
Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Unfortunately for most people, there is a catch. The breakfast menu will only be available in the following restaurants:

  • Brixton, London
  • Cobham, London
  • Hounslow Central, London
  • Victoria Station, London
  • Argyle Street, Glasgow
  • Braehead, Glasgow
  • Linwood, Glasglow
  • Llandudno, Wales
  • Newtown, Wales

Holy sh*t this looks good!


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