BREAKING NEWS: MMA League to Come to the UK!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has absolutely burst on to the scene recently, with the UFC cleaning up in terms of pay per view numbers: people like Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and Anderson Silva to name but a few people earning some mega dollar.


Being someone who is, as my man Jay Z says, as loud as a motorbike – but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, I prefer to view the Octagon from a bit of a distance.

One man who is certainly up for it, however, is former unified light-welterweight Boxing champion Amir Khan, who has put his money where his mouth is and has become a stakeholder in the Indian-owned Super Fight League.

Amir Khan (left) with owner of Super Fight League, Bill Dosanjh (right)

Amir Khan (left) with owner of Super Fight League, Bill Dosanjh (right)

What makes this exciting, though, is that Amir has revealed that in 2017 eight teams will compete in a league format in order to be crowned the champions of Britain.

Who knows, we may find the next British superstar! Even if we don’t, at least we won’t have to stay up until 6am to see a 13 second fight. Not that I’m bitter about that McGregor Vs Aldo fight.

Khan knows there’s a market, and he wants a bit of that wealth:

“MMA is big and getting bigger, fighters like Conor McGregor are making a lot of noise…hitting some high numbers on pay per view”.

Hey, if Khan’s latest tweet is anything to go by, we may see him in one of those eight teams!

“1st day in the gym. Testing my right hand out. It feels great. Will be in the ring early next year”

If his hands are still as fast as they were, that’s something I’d definitely want to see.

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