BREAKING: Penguins In Brutal Fight Due To Cheating Wife…

Damn, these hoes ain’t loyal.

I can pretty much guarantee that there is nothing worse than two males fighting over someone who they love. Let’s face it lads, birds are the cause of 99% of our problems. I mean, my girl went and took all my money out of my wallet, and spent it all on makeup. Ugh.

Image: National Geographic

Image: National Geographic

But in an extremely heated fight (even more so than Joe Hart battling against his Dandruff), 2 penguins started some beef after the wife was found cheating with some random guy. I’m gonna call the husband Tyrone.

After a vicious exchange of fists/flippers, the Penguins decide to call out to the female in order to see who she prefers. Unfortunately for Tyrone, the cheating son of a b*tch decides to leave him for the intruder.

According to the narrator,  “they use their flippers ‘like baseball bats to club each other, delivering up to eight blows a second.”

Image: National Geographic

Image: National Geographic

I’ll bet a tenner that Tyrone will appear on Jeremy Kyle at some point within the next few years. If any of you are looking for a single bird to begin a relationship with, drop me a message and I’m sure Tyrone will be happy to meet you.

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