Brit sticks 9 Creme Eggs up his Bum


Ever thought of having a creme egg in your bum? How bout NINE!

Ah, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, delicious treats, ever wondered how’d they taste from the other side?

Crazy man Bruce Patterson doesn’t bother eating the sugary treats, he shoves them up his ARSE!

Patterson, 34, has held the unofficial world record of six anally-inserted Creme Eggs since 2010, somebody call Guinness World Records! But on Good Friday,
everything changed, he stepped things up – by lodging NINE of them in his rectal
cavity, he must actually be enjoy it!

The proud singleton beamed last night: “I’m having some difficulty sitting down and I’ll be shitting fondant for a week but i know the record is secure for years to come.” He then when on to say “ I’m known as Chorley’s Eggs up the Arse man. You can’t buy an accolade like that.”

Hope everything comes out smooth Bruce!

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