Bulgarian Bully Kicks Woman Head First Down The Stairs.

A brave bus driver and his quick thinking has resulted in this nasty piece of work being arrested!

It is rumored that the attacker is Svetoslav Stoykov, 26 from Bulgaria.

This scum bag was caught on CCTV kicking an innocent woman head first down the stairs in an unprovoked attack at Hermannstraße U-Bahn station in southern Berlin.

Police released the footage captured in October this year, just 10 days ago and the video has gone viral. Not surprisingly, members of the general public are quite rightly horrified by what they are witnessing.


It seems that this absolute monster found the pain he inflicted on the helpless woman quite funny, as he seems to be laughing whilst walking away from her, laying sprawled on the floor.

The 26-year-old victim, who has not yet been named,  hit the stairs face-on before falling onto the Metro platform. She suffered a broken arm and was later hospitalized.

Just five days ago on December 14th, police reported  they had identified the attacker and his accomplices, which included his brother! What a pair of absolute f*cking ba*tards.

After trying to evade justice by hiding in France where some of his relatives live, this scum bag realized that Karma really is a real thing when he decided to take a chance at heading back to Bulgaria.

He boarded the coach back to Bulgaria with his wife, but had no idea the bus driver was also Bulgarian and recognized his dirty, scummy face a mile away!

IMAGES: dailystar, Nasty piece of work Stoykov

IMAGES: dailystar,
Nasty piece of work Stoykov

The heroic bus driver conjured up a plan along with another passenger on the bus and they managed to inform the police who were then waiting for Stoykov at the bus station in Berlin.

According to the Daily Mail, Stoykov could face prison from anywhere between six months to 10 years. It all depends on whether or not he’s convicted of having inflicted grievous bodily injury.

Surely it doesn’t take a genius to work out that he DID inflict a tremendous amount of grievous bodily injury! Lets see how the justice system pulls it together for this case!


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