Cadbury’s Are Now Hiring A “Professional” Chocolate Taster…


I really wish that my job could be exciting as this. It’s a shame that we don’t get company visits to Cadbury’s Word haha. Anyway, have you ever wanted to eat lots of chocolate? So much that you get paid for it? Yes? I thought so.

As you can tell by the headline of this title, there’s some good news for chocolate lovers. The only bad thing is that you don’t get to hang out with Oompah Loompahs every single day.

In order to meet the eligibility criteria for the job, you need to have good English, a passion for chocolate, and great taste buds. Well that doesn’t seem too hard. It isn’t quite as simple as saying “I love it, let’s get it in Tesco”. The successful applicant will need to be able to differentiate between different flavours, be able to figure out what the ingredients are with just their tongue, and comment on whether it will be a taste that the majority of people will like.

Image: Raw Is Sexy

The working hours are 7.5 hours a week from Tuesday to Thursday in the afternoon. Located in Reading, it is extremely convenient for anyone living in the south of England. After all, I’ve just gotta drive up the M3 from Southampton.

You can apply for the job HERE.

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