Floyd Mayweather Is Training Soulja Boy For Celebrity Boxing Match…

I’m absolutely hyped for this!

Both Chris Brown & Soulja Boy have agreed to enter the ring and fight each other in a celebrity boxing match. On Instagram, Soulja Boy said:

“It’s going down! Signed my contract I’m leaving the fight with $1,000,000.”

According to media reports, the match is set to take place in Las Vegas during March. He even stated that Floyd Mayweather is training him. Holy sh*t this is gonna be insane!

After Soulja Boy began creating hype, Chris Brown responded to the event by saying:

“Legally. Man to Man. No more dissing and no more talking. We in the ring with it. Challenge accepted.”

This announcement comes just days after shots were fired between the pair over Twitter. Set to last 3 rounds, I expect that many people are looking forward to this fight.

I’ve gotta be honest though, this is absolutely brilliant:

I know!!!! How many more Ls can he take?

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Who do you want to win? Let me know in the comments lads.

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