Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy due to Fight in March!

So, the fight is officially scheduled for March at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! Who’s excited?! I know I am.

On Saturday, we found out that THE Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown in order to make that “Soulja Boy…get f*cked up”.

Yes, Iron Mike Tyson, the same absolute nutter who once said he’d eat people’s children and that he’d f*ck them til’ they love him (fairly unorthodox insult when calling someone a ‘f*ggot’…but A for effort).

The latest instalment, though, is that Soulja Boy has uploaded a video whilst at the barbers.

I’m proper jealous when people feel comfortable at the barbers btw. I’m one of those people who sit awkwardly, feeling that if I close my eyes, I look like I’m getting off on the experience, but if I keep them open I look like a serial killer ready to grab the blade. Just me?? Probably.

Anyway, Soulja Boy posted this:

He mentions that he has no REAL beef with either 50 Cent or Chris Brown, he’s just ‘having a fight between brothers…’

“I just want everyone to know, man, Chris is my brother, man, we’ve been on tour, we’ve got songs together”

“Brother’s fight…friend’s fight. And after the fight they shake hands and keep it moving”

“Between 50 cent and me there ain’t no real beef. He’s  my brother. We just promoting the fight…”

If it’s just being done to promote the fight, he probably should have kept quiet – as it was really working!! My thoughts are that he’s a bit shook from the whole Mike Tyson episode. Who wouldn’t be when you can remember this:


Oh well, you have Floyd Mayweather training you, just wait til Breezy puts his hands down in an attempt to apologise to you, and then do this:

Whatever the case may be, I can’t see either one of them going easy!

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