“Clown Lives Matter” Is Now A Thing… And The Internet Isn’t Happy!

After the craze about “killer clowns” in the streets went viral around the world, many people dressed up in their home towns to scare the f*ck out of local residents. If I see one near my house, I’ll probably livestream it for you guys.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Anyway, actual clowns (who don’t scare people) are completely fed up with their names being thrown in the dirt. This weekend, hundreds of them will be marching through the streets of Arizona to protest against being discriminated upon due to the clown sightings.

Nikki Sinn, the event organiser, said:

“This is a peaceful walk to show clowns are not psycho killers. We want the public to feel safe and not be afraid. So come out, bring the family, meet a clown and get a hug!”

Here’s a video of it:

As expected, many people are furious at the campaign due to it adopting the slogan of “Black Lives Matter”. This is what Twitter said:

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