Comedian Verbally Batters Vexed Mother After She Heckled Him

Ever felt the urge to heckle a comedian just to see if his comeback is on form? Well, if your answer is yes! Then you’re either a comedian yourself, super brave, or just really fu*king stupid!

I mean, I think I’m pretty quick witted when it comes to answering people back, but this American Comedian is on another level and when this vexed mother heckles him she gets shot down like a clay pigeon in a field of laughing hyenas.

Steve Hofstetter, who is now Senior Comedy Correspondent at Fox Sports was just doing his thang, chatting about how annoying parents are who think their children are so special, when actually, they’re not special at all! In fact, they’re mostly just pretty damn average. Oh he was doing so well! The laughs were coming in left, right and center from the audience…until… a heckler was born!

She was totally vexed and offended with Hofstetter’s ‘Annoying parent’ joke, that she thought she would throw some verbal shit right back at him! You silly sausage….. did you really think you would get away with belittling the comedian that everyone paid to watch?

I am actually wetting myself laughing on the fifth watch of this extreme footage…

In his sketch, he explains that having a ‘good kid’ is what makes them special. Then this defensive heckler shouts “bullshit”. LOL! She then goes on to confront the comedian by asking him how many children he has!

Whoopsieeee wrong choice mama. Watch the clip below…

Before going to bed after that evening’s gig, Hofstetter out the video online.

It is said that he told his traveling partners—Danny Jolles and Matt Ritter—that he figured the video might get 8,000 views before they had to wake in six hours. He knew it was a good heckler video, but it wasn’t the best he’d ever done.

Yet Hofstetter arose the next morning, and suddenly, life was different.

8,000 hits the video had got ….. and  more! In fact, a stonking 50,000 views overnight were reached, of him verbally battering a poor mama. And the views counter kept on climbing.

Well … we live and learn. I think we can safely say that that mama won’t speak out in a comedy club quite so soon again. But thanks to her, Hofstetter’s career in the stand-up industry could now fly high! Happy days ay!

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