Conor McGregor Destroys Girl With Savage Instagram Post…

After Conor McGregor annihilated Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, many fans were eager to get a picture with him. After all, with President Trump constantly dominating the news, it was nice to get a chance of scenery on our TV screens.

To many people’s surprise, the reason why he was in the news was not due to his win at Maddison Square Garden. Instead, it’s because Conor completely savaged a girl on Instagram. Ouch.

Let’s picture the scene now. You’re out shopping and see Conor McGregor outside a clothes store. Of course, you wanna get a picture so you can fish for likes alongside your Starbucks cups on Instagram. But he crops you out.

After seeing this post, her ego must have dropped lower than my Science grade in high school. Of course, Twitter reacted brilliantly:

Hahaha. Erin, if you’re reading this, I feel sorry for you.

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