Couple Live-stream the Moment an Alligator Jumps in their Boat!

I have a huge disliking of sea life getting into a boat and flapping about. I remember the one and only time I went fishing… I nearly peed myself when we caught a carp.


Yeah, I know, I’m proper hard – I’m the type who flinched when magikarp used ‘splash’.

But this is NEXT LEVEL. Remember the story about the woman who was bitten by a crocodile after trying to take a selfie with it? Yeah, so that was stupid…and I can reassure myself that that’ll never happen to me cos I’m not an absolute *******.

But this could happen! Watch below:

The couple are in Missouri and are using Facebook Live to film the notoriously ferocious alligator chilling out on the bank, and them BOOM, it’s in the boat, scrambling about in confusion.

It’s the way the tour guide almost preempts it:

“Are you nervous” (yeah)

“OK, well don’t make any sudden moves…” (arrggghhh)

What would you do?! I’d say jump out, but how many more are out there??

Just a whole load of nope. I’ve got to say though, sweet Facebook Live post…they’ve got a tough act to follow for future videos now.

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