Creepy Clown Unmasked That Was Hiding In The Woods…

In recent weeks, the USA has been hit by several clowns that have been hiding in the woods. But at last, one of them has been caught.

Around 6 states in the USA have dealt with pranksters dressing up as freaky clowns and luring people into the woods. But thankfully, the police force in Kentucky have arrested a clown aged 20.

Image: Bell County Detention Centre

Image: Bell County Detention Centre

Jonathan Martin was arrested in Middlesboro for wearing a mask in public, and disorderly misconduct. In a recent statement, the Police said:

“Dressing as a clown and driving, walking or standing in public can create a dangerous situation for you and others.”

With all the recent shootings by police in America, I certainly wouldn’t wanna mess with their lethal force. If I was walking in my local forest at night, I would certainly sh*t myself if a clown came out.

Image: Warner Bros

Image: Warner Bros

This news comes just weeks after a girl was arrested in Athens for carrying a knife to school in order to protect herself from clowns.

Scary stuff.

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