Drake Is Opening A Strip Club And We Are All Invited!

I must admit, I write some pretty weird stuff for this job. Over the past few days, I’ve talked about 12 year old’s entering the grime scene to President Obama hosting a dope Music Festival. But I’m not going to lie, nothing could’ve prepared me for this.

Drake has decided to do all of us a massive favour and open a strip club in Houston, Texas. Although I can imagine that this will cause some massive controversy, I gotta admire the lad for fulfilling our needs. The new “dance experience” was announced at his pop up event in Houston at the Toyota Centre.

When making a speech at the event, Drake said:

“There’s a culture out there of dancing and it’s not about no strip club shit. It’s about these amazing women that we’ve got in one spot, the music that we’ve got, and the Houston culture that we got. I just wanna let you know that I’m going to bring it to you in the most honest and genuine way possible.”

Anyone else up for a lads night at Drake’s strip club?

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