Drake & J-Lo backstab Rihanna

And she’s on the market again by looks of things boys!

Any lads out there who are completely in love with the beautiful Barbadian Princess – get that game plan together! There’s still hope.

Oh RiRi! Don’t worry – we still love you and we think that Drake’s made a huge mistake!



So the news is that Drake – the sneaky little bugger – is now in another relationship! Yep, we’re all thinking the same peeps! “Blimey, he gets around!” You dirty dawggg Drakey!

And if we didn’t already think that the bad boy rapper was punching above his weight with our beautiful Rihanna, the little rascal has already moved on ………. to J-Lo!!

There’s a possibility that this is not true …. however, I have a slight feeling that this pic from Instagram gives the game away! Don’t they look cosy … Don’t get too comfy though J-Lo – Beyonce is probs next!!

IMAGE: Instagram / Jennifer Lopez

IMAGE: Instagram / Jennifer Lopez

I’ve always quite liked J-Lo if truth be told! But now, I am not so sure and quite rightly, neither is Rihanna. Always go with your instincts Ri!

It is said that Rihanna is actually pretty pissed off with J-Lo and has told The Sun that she is ‘very unhappy’ and that she considered J-Lo a ‘friend’. Ri has even unfollowed Lopez on on Instagram! Whhaaaaaattt! That’s like the BIGGEST kick in the face of the year for J-Lo!

J-Lo & Drake don’t seem to give two hoots about our RiRi though an it is said that Drake, 30, and J-Lo, 47 (oooops … toy boy dot com) have been spending a lot of time together. Drake has apparently been making trips to Las Vegas to see her twice in one week. Alright money bags!!! Maybe you need to spend some of the dosh on a few lessons in loyalty! Aint that right Ri!!

Who wants to place bets on how long this relationship lasts? I’ll start off!

A fiver says it’ll end in Jan! Old Drakey will get bored with the Lopez quicker than you can say ….. Rihanna!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…..

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