Drake Just Purchased His Neighbours $3m Home So He Doesn’t Get Noise Complaints…

Once again, he has done something absolutely brilliant. If you are reading this Drake, feel free to come over to my house for a bottle of champagne. Love this idea…

Being an international superstar, it’s fairly obvious that you will receive noise complaints every now and then with all the parties etc. But when Drake’s neighbours companied about him making too much noise, he did the obvious thing and purchased their mansion.

Within the lyrics of his featuring on “Where Ya At”, Drake appears to have made his lyrics home true.

Within his verse, he says:

“Where your asses when we recording in the bathroom? I’ll buy the neighbour’s house if they complain about the noise”.

Drake released the song “Where Ya At” just one month after he purchased his neighbour’s house. Coincidence? I think not.

Well done lad. Now, if you’d like to purchase my neighbour’s house that keep having really loud, rough sex, that would be great. Finally I would be able to work in peace.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Well played Drake, well played.

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