Drug Dealer Arrested After Letting Customers Pay By Card…

I can think of many reasons why drug dealers don’t let people pay by card. Besides the fact that they can’t throw all the money in the air shouting “bare dollar”, most of them know that card payments are traceable. Don’t be this idiot…

Mark Slender, from Gloucestershire, decided to invest in a Chip & PIN device for his clients. But when the Police found the device on charge in his car, he was instantly arrested. Whoops.

Image: This Is Money

Image: This Is Money

I gotta admit, his sales technique was fairly impressive. After racking up over £12k in sales over a period of 5 months, he was sent straight to prison for 7 years.

In a statement, PC Thom Finnikin said:

“Slender appears to have made a considerable profit dealing drugs and tried to conceal his financial gain by investing in expensive items.

“He attempted to bring drug dealing into the 21st century by using a chip and pin machine to take payment for cocaine and subsequently showed his arrogance by putting a tag line at the top of each receipt supplied to his drug buyers.”


Don’t do drugs kids.

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