Drug dealer who avoided jail ordered back to court after telling judge to suck his c***

Daniel Sledden insulted the judge who spared him jail on Facebook

Daniel Sledden insulted the judge who spared him jail on Facebook


Just moments after he was given a suspended sentence, Daniel Sledden, 27, did possibly the most stupid thing anyone in his position could do.

He thought he could get away with insulting the judge who spared him jail on his Facebook account.

He said: “Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentence beats the 3 year jail yes pal!

“Beverly Lunt go suck my ****.”

Now Daniel and his brother Samuel Sledden, also a convicted drug dealer, have been ordered back to Burnley Crown Court to have their sentences reviewed by the same judge.

Since being ordered back to court, Daniel has ‘realised’ how much of an ungrateful twat he was by posting this bullshit apology on his Facebook, it reads: “I want to say how sorry I am for what I wrote about Judge Lunt and my sentence.

“I was very lucky not to be sent to prison and I was very stupid to have written what I did.

Daniel has since said sorry

Daniel has since said sorry

“I want to say sorry to Judge Lunt and to anyone else who was upset or offended by my thoughtless post which I did not mean.”

Drug dealing seems to be a family affair as his dad William, 45, was also given a suspended sentence after the three pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

Samuel, 22, who’s equally stupid, also had something to say about the trio’s day in court on his Facebook account: “What a day it’s been Burnley crown court!

“Up ur **** aha nice 2 year suspended **** the 3 year in forest bank’ [sic].”

The brothers and their dad were charged with supplying drugs over a five-month period in 2014.

Daniel and Samuel were convicted in 2012 for possessing amphetamines and cannabis with intent to supply and were both given two-year jail sentences, suspended for two years.

Their dad got eight months in jail and a suspended sentence.


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