Ellen DeGeneres Is Under Criticism Over This Racist Tweet…

Usain Bolt has certainly been one of the major stars of the RIO 2016 Olympic Games. But as people these days get offended by pretty much anything, it is certainly not a surprise that this story is in the news.

Well known as a TV Host (and stars in Finding Dory), Ellen recently posted this controversial meme:

It took me a good few minutes to realise what the problem was. But after searching the internet for related tweets, I can now understand why people may be a little angry at the meme:

Everyone seems to have a opinion on this debate. But being as Usain Bolt retweeted Ellen’s photo, I don’t particularly think that people should take offence to it. If he’s cool with it, then there isn’t a problem I guess.

Despite the backlash of her meme, Ellen decided to keep the original Tweet up. However, she did make the following statement:

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