Fugitive Arrested After Several Months On The Run With Old Man Mask…

A Scooby Doo style arrest has taken place recently after a wanted fugitive spent 4 months on the run- evading the Police by wearing a mask of an old man.

Shaun Miller, 31, was arrested for possession and intent to sell Heroin. But as he was wearing the mask of an elderly gentleman, he managed to slip under police radar very easily.

Image: API

Image: ATF

Miller, who calls himself “Shizz”, wore the mask whenever he left his house in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

During the day of his eventual arrest, Police stalked Miller to his house. But once the premises was surrounded, they were extremely surprised to see an elderly man emerge from the building. As they knew something was up, they decided to pull off the mask and arrest Shizz.

Image: Scooby Doo

Image: Scooby Doo

After the arrest, the Police managed to find $30k in cash, and two loaded guns. To be fair, this lad is pretty smart. Well done.

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