Fundraising Appeal For Boy Who Had Cardiac Arrest Whilst Playing Football…

Yesterday on the 14th November, Jack Atkinson, 18, sadly passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest whilst playing football.

Created by his mate (Shane Spacey), it currently has over £5,300 in donations in just one day. People from all around the country are showing their support towards Jack’s family. You can donate to the GoFundMe page HERE.

Image: Go Fund Me

Image: Go Fund Me

During a chat, we spoke to one of his friends (James Smith). He said:

“Jack never had any serious health problems before he sadly passed away. We had been together in the same football team for 3 different clubs since we were just 10 years old.

After playing on the same day for the last 8 years, it scares me to think we will never play on the same pitch again. Jack was such a loved person by everyone that knew him, and he will never be forgotten.”

During a statement, his club (Holland FC) said that “he was a “well-liked and important member” of the club.

Image: BBC/Twitter

Image: BBC/Twitter

One of his friends, Tyler Rose, would like to organise a round of applause in memory of Jack during the 18th minute of the Spurs V West Ham game on Saturday. If you, or anyone you know has a connection to these clubs, please message us so that we can help enable this to happen.

On behalf of The Wall Of Comedy, I would like to express our deepest sympathies towards Jack’s family. Rest In Peace.

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