Gingers Are Now Getting Their Own Emojis…

What the actual f*ck.

Out of the 1600 friends I have on Facebook, 3 of them are ginger. I think that says a lot about the declining population of the Ginger. When will they become extinct? Let me know in the comments.

After years of b*llshit feminism  campaigning, Ginger people have finally been listened to by those in charge of Emojis at Apple. I’ve gotta admit, “Emoji Creator” would look absolutely sick on my CV. Where do I apply?

Throughout the years, the red-haired people have been discriminated against. For example, what’s the difference between a ginger and a brick? The brick will get laid. Here’s some of the suggestions put forward for the new emojis:


Images: Emojipedia

Images: Emojipedia

During an interview, the founder of Emojipedia said:

“I STRONGLY feel it’s important that minority groups such as gingers are represented via emojis, because emojis are quite literally the fastest growing language in human history, and it’s being used globally.

No matter where you’re from, or where you’re going… You’re guaranteed to come across emojis… and everyone understands them.”

Despite only 1-2% of the world’s population being ginger, there is one redhead that we all love:

Just got the test pressing for the album, can’t wait for you to hear it! Pre-order link in my bio x

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I think it would be cool to have a ginger poo emoji.

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