“Gingers Have Souls” Guy Reveals First Pictures After He Became A Woman…

You may remember that back in 2010, a YouTuber called CopperCab’ decided to have a massive rant that Gingers do have souls.

The video was inspired by a South Park episode- as Cartman said that Gingers didn’t have a soul. To refresh your memory, here’s the video:

But as the years went by, a lot of things have happened in the life of CopperCab’. After being known as Michael Kittrell from Georgia, USA, the YouTube star has now announced on Twitter that he has had a sex change. So we now have to call him/her Claire.

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Claire said that she had been inactive on Social Media as she was having hormone replacement treatment. Just a few hours ago, she uploaded a “coming out video” to YouTube.

You can check out the video here:

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