Girl Has Brilliant Reply To An Unwanted Dick Pic.

Guys, we know that many of you love your private parts so much, that you enjoy sharing pictures of it with others. And hey! It’s okay.

Some women quite enjoy a little snigger or jaw dropping look at an acquaintance’s or perfectly normal stranger’s dick pic.

But I think we can safely say that this girl was not overly chuffed with the one she received!

IMAGE: angrybrowngrrl

IMAGE: angrybrowngrrl

Revenge can be a beautiful thing for the victim (if they’re not a fan of the ‘dic pic’) – but this type of revenge is enough to scare a man shitless!

The girl starts off telling the guy that she’s a urologist at Kings College Hospital, London and advises him to come and see her.

He then mentions that he is based in America.

The girl moves on to her next statement, getting an ‘A’ for banter here … as she goes on tell him that after ‘examining’ the unwanted ‘dick pic’, she has detected a ‘cancerous mole’ on the penis but also an infection caused by ‘poor hygiene’ or from sex.

(I mean, the first one is a bit below the mark – but and infection through poor hygiene or sex was on point!) LOL.

IMAGE: Imgur

IMAGE: Imgur

This vulnerable plonka actually believes the girl! But then again, why wouldn’t you – bless his little cotton balls!

He asked her advice on buying pills over the counter as doesn’t want to go to the doctors about the ‘poor hygiene’ infection!

THIS IS THE CRACKING PART ….. The girl tells him that there is no need for pills. Instead, all he needs to do is put one part self-raising flour with one part water and then once he has used his hands to mix it into a batter – he is to massage the mixture all over the genital area!!!!

And off course, he does exactly what she says with the message to put the whole conversation to and end for the the woman!

“Damn that stuff really stuck to my pubes I had to shower to get it all out”

Sweeeet Sweeeeeeeet Revenge! So guys …. think seriously before you send that dicky piccy ….. or you might be making your own batter…

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