Gruesome Details Of Athlete’s Painful Dick Accident Revealed…

For me, I’d say that the most dangerous Olympic sports would be boxing or weightlifting. After first hearing about this story, I didn’t think that pole vaults were dangerous. But I think that now I may have changed my mind…

Hiroki Ogita, Japan, unfortunately managed to make it past the qualifying round of the pole vault during Saturday’s events. This was due to a pretty painful accident involving a metal bar and his dick.

I could explain the accident in very good detail. But this GIF sums up his pain pretty well:

Firstly, his leg hit the bar. So if the bar was to fall, he would be instantly disqualified. But the most memorable moment is certainly when his dick slams into it. I’m sure that it hurt a lot the next morning…


This isn’t the first time that an athlete has suffered a painful accident with their dick. Here’s what happened at Sydney during 2000:

If any of you guys plan on going to the Olympics, try and make sure that you don’t injure yourself like this.

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