GTA VR Is Coming Sooner Than You Think…

Grant Theft Auto is probably the best selling game of this decade. Combining cars, guns, violence and airplanes, it provides an exhilarating thrill for players.

According to media reports, Rockstar certainly “has big plans for GTA 6”. With multiple maps, expansion packs, characters and a VR compatibility feature, it will certainly be insane. In the meantime, here’s some YouTuber trying out Virtual Reality:

But I’ll talk about the future instalment within the franchise in a future article with a lot more depth.

But as expected, Rockstar are due to take advantage of the VR excitement that is currently sweeping the world. Reports have also stated that the developer intends for “Grand Theft Auto 6” to be a fresh new start of an era, with extremely large maps and atmospheres for players to enjoy.

Image: VG247

Image: VG247

Although no release date is currently confirmed, we can expect for it to be dropped sometime near 2020.

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