Guy Wanted by Police Applies for Job at Police Station

There’s stupid, then there’s this guy.

John Wesley Rose, 25, a guy wanted by authorities, was so desperate for work, he applied at the local police station.

John, who evidently has the memory span of a goldfish, was wanted for rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl.


He applied to be a custody officer at the Wayne County Sherriff’s Department in Detroit, when one of the police officers found out he’s a suspected paedo.

Due to his lack of brain cells, John actually went back to the police station when he was invited for a “second interview”.

And it was at that moment John realised how gullible he is – or did he?

It goes without saying, if you know you’re wanted by police, don’t do what John did.

Being that much of an idiot should be a crime in itself.

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