Here’s What Happened When A Gymnast Snapped His Leg At The Olympics…

A French Gymnast broke his leg during Rio 2016. But footage from that evening has shown him being dropped as he was loaded into an ambulance. Ouch.

He originally broke his leg whilst landing at an awkward angle during a vault, causing his leg to bend at a truly horrific angle. A while later, he was supposed to have his leg checked out by doctors. But as he was loaded into the Brazilian ambulance, the paramedics managed to drop him in spectacular fashion.

Said (The Gymnast) is believed to have suffered a fracture of his fibula and tibula during the crash landing. It seems as if the Olympics are just bad luck for the Frenchman as in 2012, he managed to break his other leg. Witnesses in Rio were horrified as the sound of his injury “echoed throughout the arena”.


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