Harambe-shaped Cheeto Sells for $99,999…

Harambe was a hero to us all. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss him; we see his image on the new emoticon, his name on every internet meme ever, his face on a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto…

Hold up! His face on a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto…you what now?!

Who are these people who take the time to inspect their crisps to see if they resemble a dead gorilla before they eat them?

Someone who’s just made $99,999 from selling it on eBaby I spose…perhaps I’ll be more observant with my food in future.

The eBay user, ‘valuestampsinc’, (his stamps aren’t all of Harambe, I’ve checked) from Burbank, California declared the crisp as “one of a kind” and decided to sell it with the following description:

“I opened up a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and as soon as I looked inside I came across this unique Cheetos that looks like Harambe the gorilla”

“It measures up to about one-and-a-half inches in length. This item up for bid is only for this unique Cheetos, bag not included.”

With over 132 people bidding on the crisp, it genuinely sold this morning for $99,999…not one of those cases with the 5 pound notes not actually selling! Somebody actually bought it.

I mean, for $99,999 I’m going to want a couple of bags of Cheetos included, at least.

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