Here’s A Handy Loophole For Students As TV Licensing Law Is Made Legal…

As of today, the government have decided to change TV licensing laws. Whilst most people won’t really see a difference, those of you who only watch TV on BBC iPlayer will be severely affected by this new law. Thankfully, we found a loophole that will allow you to evade any trouble.

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

If you didn’t know, the new law is pretty simple. It basically means that you can only watch catch up TV if you have a television license. If you are watching BBC programs without one, you could see a £1000 fine come through the post.

As students are often tight on cash, I’ve decided to help you guys out with a loophole that will allow you to dodge that unwanted expense of the TV license.

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

If you watch TV on a device that isn’t plugged into the mains, you won’t need a TV license. Of course, that makes perfect sense. In short, charge up your laptop/tablet and watch iPlayer whilst it’s not plugged in.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Should you decide that you would actually like to pay for your TV license, you can do it HERE.

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