Here’s How IOS 10 Will Change Your Life…

During the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to become an official “tester” for Apple’s IOS 10 coming out this Autumn. So after playing around with it for a bit, I’ve decided to show you exactly how it will change your life for the better.


This is probably one of my favourite features within the update. Your phone will automatically group photos by the location in where they were taken. So there is no need to create loads of separate photo albums for each holiday- as it is already done. Plus, it recognises your hometown. It’s pretty sick if I’m honest.


Image: Me


So messages is now completely different in comparison to IOS 9. In what I am guessing is an attempt to copy Facebook Messenger, the new messages app allows users to create Special FX on their text messages, as well as share music, and create animations.


Image: Me


Once again, I am in love with this new feature. The introduction of “bedtime” allows you to set your alarm clock, create and analyse sleep patterns, as well as view how many hours you get per night. Pretty cool. I must admit though, the ringtones for waking you up are fairly dull. Maybe custom ringtones will be an option in the future?


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Home Screen

The new, slick design of the home screen allows users to quickly navigate from their phone. Simply by swiping up, you can listen to music, change the speaker settings, control your sleep pattern settings, and much more. SIRI also has some awesome new features. But I’ll reveal those sometime in the future.


Image: Me

Basically, I certainly can’t wait for IOS 10 to be released. With new features and updates already on the horizon, it will certainly be a massive game changer.

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