Here’s How The President Punished His Daughter For Smoking Weed…

Getting caught smoking weed by your parents isn’t exactly a good thing- especially when your dad is the President of the USA. Earlier this month, Obama’s daughter, Malia, was caught on camera smoking weed at Lollapalooza.

Of course, the video went viral, and her parents were immediately informed about the incident. If you wanna check out the video, here you go:

It seems as if Obama is very aware that Malia was smoking weed, and twerking on camera. So understandably, he wasn’t impressed. After all, he’s her dad.

White House journalist, Kate Bennett, tweeted that the President and his daughter were going for a “short walk” to discuss her activities. I feel bad for her- we all know what happens on those walks.

It seems as Barack wasn’t too harsh on her thankfully. Next time you’re smoking weed, just make sure your dad isn’t watching…

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