Here’s How Upcoming Black Artists Are Changing The Music Industry…

Throughout the past few decades, we’ve had many black artists change the face of the music industry. Ranging from the likes of Kanye West, Dre Dre, and Jay Z, each person has contributed something new to both British & American music culture.

Image: Wired

Image: Wired

As the American election is just around the corner, it brings a spark of new change for the United States Of America. Therefore, I thought that it would be nice to talk about change within the music industry, and possible stars to watch out for in the future.


The London singer/recording artist has recently become what some people may describe as a megastar. After being trained by Rita Ora on The Voice UK, NK has gone on to release original material- gaining several million views.

Most memorably, NK recently went on to release original music alongside the production duo Uplink. Entitled “To Myself”, the track has gained over 3 million views, and has also received support from some of the world’s biggest DJ’s.

In a statement, NK said:

“I’m so excited because there’s so much music (with some of the world’s best undiscovered gems) coming.  So I really hope you guys stick around, and keep giving me that sugar. Because I can’t do any of this without you. Y’all are the fuel to my engine.”

What a humble guy. You can check out “To Myself” here:


If my memory serves me right, we did an article on his “Fire in the booth” alongside Charlie Sloth a month ago. With a few Japanese bars, it was absolutely insane! (Insert fire emoji).

Growing up in South London, Shaodow created some of the best lyrics that we’ve ever heard. I think that it’s really inspiring to see so much talent within the music industry.

As change comes within the world, it will also probably change the way in which the music industry is perceived. Let’s help get black musicians to reach their goals & dreams.


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