Here’s Some Weird Facts About Stormzy That You Probably Didn’t Know…

Stormzy is undoubtably one of the biggest names within the music industry right now. Releasing hits such as “Shut Up” and “Know Me From”, it’s not a surprise that he is taking the charts by storm. But with that in mind, here’s some facts about the South London grime artist.

1. Stormzy Shot 2 Music Videos For “Know Me From”.

This came to us as quite a surprise. Although the original video was shot in High Definition and edited by professionals, he decided to scrap that version and use handheld cameras instead.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

2. Stormzy Got 6 A* GCSE’s.

In an interview about his High School days, Stormzy admitted that he was “a bit of a boffin”. His teachers were even encouraging him to go to Oxford University.

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

3. He Rose To Fame On YouTube.

Stormzy’s YouTube channel has been active since 2011. Although he has been making music for several years, the Grime artist only attracted attention when he started creating freestyles.

4. Stormzy Is Also A Singer

I’m 100% sure that some of you didn’t know this one. If you remember his ‘Dreamers Disease’ EP, you might recall him singing during G FrSH’s single ‘Sometimes’.

Image: Audio Mack

Image: Audio Mack

5. “Shut Up” Was The First Freestyle To Enter The Charts.

The man, the legend, Stormzy heralded a new era for Grime when his track “Shut Up” entered the UK Charts. After a long campaign, it managed to reach number 8.

Well, that was interesting…

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