Here’s Something Interesting Facts That You Won’t Know About Eminem…

Everyone in school knew that one kid who was absolutely OBSESSED with Eminem. Didn’t know anyone like that? It was probably you.

As he is the biggest rapper in history, most people own an 8 mile poster, and a couple of his albums. I remember getting my first Eminem album (Curtain Call). It was hanging above me as I slept, fucked, worked, and everything else I do in my bedroom.

Image: MTV

Image: MTV

During the period in which I finished High School, there were a few people who listened to nothing but Eminem. Being in the music industry myself, I can assure you that there are other rap artists besides him. Anyway, here’s a few interesting facts about him:





Images: Imgur

To be fair, I don’t blame Marshall for rejecting JB. These facts are pretty cool.

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